Premium Quality Green Coffee Bean Extract

CoffeWin represents a range of premium quality green coffee bean extract standardised to chlorogenic acid and other polyphenols. Coffewin powder extract contains up to 60% chlorogenic acid which has numerous health and physiological benefits.

Key Features of CoffeWin

  • CoffeWin Sourced from carefully selected Green Coffee beans
  • 100% natural Green Coffee extract produced by proprietary hydro-alcoholic extraction process
  • Virtually solvent free - Complies to Ph. Eur. and ICH
  • CoffeWin is standardised to chlorogenic acid and total polyphenols [HPLC]
  • CoffeWin complies to specific standards and regulatory requirements within EU, US and Japan
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So What Green Coffee Can Do

Coffee is among the most widely consumed pharmacologically active beverages, and its consumption has become a regular part of daily life worldwide.

Heart health

Chlorogenic acid reduces risk associated with coronary heart diseases in both healthy individuals and patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Positive benefits of CGA for heart health are attributed to lipid and cholesterol lowering effects, protection against endothelial dysfunction and inflammation.

Antidiabetic effect

Chlorogenic acid is associated with a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes mellitus. In a cross-over trial, chlorogenic acid caused significant reduction in early fasting glucose and insulin responses to glucose in overweight men during an oral glucose tolerance test.

Antioxidant effect

Chlorogenic acid has been shown to enhance cellular defence and help to prevent oxidation damage to cellular components by inhibiting or quenching free radicals and reactive oxygen.

Weight management

This is achieved via chlorogenic acids effect on modulation of glucose metabolism, lowering postprandial glucose, reducing glucose absorption through the intestines, and inhibiting fat accumulation. The mechanism of CGA in reducing blood lipids was most likely associated with the inhibition of absorption and transformation of lipids and with the inhibition of intestinal absorption and hepatic biosynthesis of cholesterol. Table 1 shows the effect of chlorogenic acid enriched coffee extract on weight management.

Health benefits

Green coffee has been shown to possess in vitro antioxidant activity against lipid peroxidation and antineoplastic activity. A series of epidemiological, biological and biochemical data supports the beneficial role of chlorogenic acid in human health. It has been attributed antioxidant, antimicrobial, antimutagenic and anti-inflammatory effects. In particular, chlorogenic acid has been reported to exert inhibitory effects on carcinogenesis in the large intestine, liver, and tongue and serve as the efficient nitrite scavengers and suppressors of nitrosamine formation in the gastric compartment. There are some human and animal studies which support the various health benefits associated with chlorogenic acid:

Blood pressure lowering effect

Chlorogenic acid rich extract has been documented to reduce blood pressure in patients with mild hypertension in humans. A study demonstrated that the consumption of 140 mg chlorogenic acid /day significantly reduces blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) during the ingestion period with no apparent side effects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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CoffeWin is a premium quality Green Coffee Bean powder extract standardised to Chlorogenic acid and polyphenols.
Coffewin contains upto 60% chlorogenic acid and 70% total polyphenols.
Yes, CoffeWin complies to all requirements for use in Food and dietary supplements.
CoffeWin is readily available from our EU and USA warehouses. We can also dispatch it promptly for other parts of the world.
Yes, you can replace existing green coffee bean extract in your product with CoffeWin. Our formulation experts will be happy to help you in re-formulating your product.
Vita Actives has a state of the art innovation centre where our scientist can help you in the development of new products and applications using CoffeWin.